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Medical and Engineering Entrance exam


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Notes from reference books like H C Verma , Resnick
and Halliday etc.

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Focus on Basics

At IITian , we focus to make basic aspects explanation. Half job is done, once you understand Basics.

Practice is the Key

Practice makes a man Perfect

Previous Years Papers

These will give you an idea what you can expect in exam..

What is Possible at IITian Academy

One Spot for All information

Either Medical or IIT JEE Entrance exam , or Fundamental courses , you will get all information at IITian Academy

Class Notes

Excellent Notes prepared from mining all availlable reference material.Hence no need for you to spend time on searching information from various sources, We al ready have done it for you.

Doubt Clarification

We help you to clare all the doubt you might be having. We will prevent doubt to convert in confusion.

Online Tests

To judge your readyness , test is the best way. We will take you through lots and lots of test series.

Welcome To IITian Academy

I want to welcome everyone, and I would encourage you to post any doubt/query to immediatly. The flow of our online course uses a mix of recorded sessions, and synchronous (live/real-time) learning activities. This course will have regular weekly assignments due, scheduled test session, weekly text discussions via the course discussion forums, as well as readings and course materials that each of student is required to keep on top of each week.

We bring a personal and effective approach to each students, we teach, which is why. IITian is an incredibly responsive expert for Medical and Engineering Entrance Test


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